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Home Assistant Supervised

Possibly out of date

I don't use this installation type anymore, but this documentation is only kept for others / future reference.

Strict requirements

This installation type has some strict requirements as outlined by ADR-0014.

Debian install

  1. Download Debian. I chose the non-free firmware repo for maxmimum compatibiliy. This version of Debian contains proprietary kernel modules needed for network connectivity.
  2. Put Debian on removable media (eg. thumb drive)
  3. Install Debian
    • I use a Network Install
    • I've not setup the root user
    • I don't setup an X environment
    • I used the complete disk for provisioning


Root user

We didn't set up a root user during install. This is fine, since we can simply use sudo, but prevents us from getting into safe mode when 💩 hits the fan. So we set up a password for the root user:

sudo su


I lower the swappiness for a more responsive system:

sudo sysctl -w vm.swappiness=5
sudo echo "vm.swappiness=5" >> /etc/sysctl.conf

This will ensure that less of swap is used. You can test if the setting applied correctly:

sysctl vm.swappiness
cat /etc/sysctl.conf

Additional / required packages

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y aptitude apparmor bash curl dbus dnsutils \
                    git htop jq libglib2.0-bin lsb-release ncdu \
                    nmon network-manager socat sshpass \
                    systemd-journal-remote udisks2 vim wget


These are my favorite packages, mixed in with the required packages.

Docker installation

sudo -s
curl -fsSL | sh

Install Home Assistant OS Agent

You'll need to download the latest release from GitHub.

sudo -s
sudo dpkg -i os-agent_1.0.0_linux_x86_64.deb


Change the version number to the downloaded version

You can test if the installation was successful by running:

gdbus introspect --system --dest io.hass.os --object-path /io/hass/os

This should not return an error. If you get an object introspection with interface etc. OS Agent is working as expected.

Install Home Assistant

Finally we can download and install Home Assistant:

apt install ./homeassistant-supervised.deb